Taking Tough Stands to Make Pennsylvania Better
Brandon has led the battle to end taxpayer fraud, including his introduction of the False Claims Act to strengthen Pennsylvania’s whistleblower laws. His legislation to end the issuance of “pay-to-play” contracts would bring transparency and fairness to the state contract process and ensure that projects are awarded to the most qualified lowest bidder. His consumer protection legislation, which has received bipartisan support, will safeguard personal identity information and protect consumers from Internet predators.

Preparing Pennsylvania for a Global Job Market
A leader in promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, Brandon has successfully connected job creators with educators to prepare our students for a global job market. His widely recognized youth, women and minority jobs forums are the first of their kind in Pennsylvania. He has also held forums to connect local adults seeking employment with local job creators.

Protecting Our Children
Brandon is a proven advocate for the protection of our children. Having served on the Washington County Children and Youth Task Force, Brandon has fought to reform and strengthen Pennsylvania’s children and youth laws. He has introduced several bills to better protect abused and neglected children and often visits schools to speak out against issues including teen bullying and teen dating violence.

Bringing Proven Leadership to State Government
Because of his willingness to take on tough issues and champion what’s right for Pennsylvania, Brandon has real leadership experience and has forged proven relationships with members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate. He will continue to cultivate this bipartisan support to move Pennsylvania forward and to make our Commonwealth a better and safer place to live.